As paper prices rise, Interstate focuses on efficient, cost-effective options

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As pulp prices continue to rise, paper mills are experiencing cost pressure, which will likely translate to a rise in paper prices over the next two years. According to IBISWorld, the price of wood pulp is expected to continue to rise to an annualized rate of 5.1% by 2019. The industry and market research leader attributes the current price increase in part to supply failing to adequately meet the growing demand for paper-based packaging. Another possible factor is the weakening U.S. dollar. At Interstate Printing Company, we’re focused on helping to alleviate any impending pricing changes by working with customers to find the lowest-cost, highest-quality paper options for their printing needs. “We always work closely with our customers to provide customized, affordable printing options, and this is no different,” says Jim Mancuso, senior vice president of sales. “Going forward, we will be diligent when it comes to ensuring successful, affordable printing projects, regardless of how the market affects paper prices.”

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