Millennials are choosing direct mail over digital.

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Members of the Millennial generation – born between 1982 and 2004 – were raised in a digital age, embracing technology with a level of ease and adaptability unknown to previous generations. But, while millennials are known as digitally driven trendsetters, data shows that most actually prefer direct mail over digital communications. According to a Gallup Poll, 95% of adults ages 18 to 29 feel positively about receiving personal mail – appreciating the its tactile feel, its authentic nature and the emotional response it elicits. Here are some other compelling statistics: • 31% of millennials are likely to take action as the result of a direct mail piece, vs. 21% for email. (InfoTrends) • Millennials make up 31% of U.S. magazine readers and 20% of newspaper readers. (USC) • 88% of millennials see print pieces as being more official than digital, and 82% view the messages communicated in printed form as more trustworthy. (Divvy) • 80% of Millennials want brands to entertain them, and they find direct mail entertaining. (IWCO Direct)

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